Tackling Illegal Economy has set its work on two fundamental direction: the study and research activities, conducted by academics, journalists and researchers, and the dissemination activities through connection of relevant actors from different national context, spreading at the same time, awarness on best practices to fight against organise crime.

In particular Tackling Illegal Economy has individuated in confiscation of assets and their return to society for social purposes, the key element through which is possible to obtain significant results in weakening organised crime groups that actually act as structured and modern economic powers, with a strong transnational dimension.

The project has involved its partners in dissemination activities, through the organization of round tables that have crossed five EU Member Stats, from Bulgaria to Belgium, France, Germany and UK.

Each Round Tables has represented the opportunity to involve national and international experts, students, ONGs, citizens, creating the occasion to debate relevant issues on themes connected with different aspects of the fight to organised crime and its economic power. From tax heavens to confiscation of assets, from journalism to national and european legislation, each conference has been tailored on local priorities, individuated by the partner ONG involved in the organisation of the conference.

Each round table has supported a concrete exchange of best practices and knowledge among local and international actorsm, creating the base for a mutal and continuous exchange, necessary to establish a network of civil society.

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  • London
  • Berlin
  • Stara Zagora
  • Paris
  • Bruxelles


The power of transnational organised crime groups, their economic strenght and the social impact of their traffics and illegal activities, is still large and dramatically dangerous for a democratic, equitable and sustainable development of our societies and our economies.

Awarness of citizenship on organised crime remains one of the most relevant tools to fight their strenght and to sever the links among organised crime and society: the strenght of organised crime is often due to their capacity to establish profitable relationships with professionals, public officials, or to obtain social concensus profiting of their corruption relationship or their economic power.

Rasing awarness on this phenomenon means act contemporarily on consciousness of citizenship, creating at the same time the political condition necessary to obtain progresses in national and international legislation on organised crime.

During the development of the project we have organised two cycles of seminars and meetings, with the scope of promoting a public and large debate on organised crime and create at the same time an occasion to inform and disseminate knowledge on those themes. implication in social issues. The first one has been realised in Marsala in summer 2013, a meeting specifically dedicated to young activists and students. The second one has been realised in october 2014, and has reprented the largest event in Italy, dedicated to the fight to organised crime, and collecting contributions of institutions, journalists, victims of mafia, ongs, citizens.

- Marsala – Ole: young meeting 2013

The Libera youth meeting is a well established summer camp, with a large participation of young people coming from all around Italy. The initiative has hosted meetings and seminars scheduled by the project of the European Commission “Tackling Illegal Economy” with the aim of developing knowledge and tools for the fight to organised crime, improving networking between civil society and institutions, as well as promoting best practices on confiscation and recovery of the proceeds of crime. Participating to the camp has represented a unique occasion to enjoy educational and cultural activities focused on fight and prevention of organized crime trough seminars, lessons, and exchange of contents. Furthermore, the camp has been meaningful occasion for young people to meet experts and international associations and meet themselves, to acquire knowledge on local and global scenarios and share best practices to report in their home countries.

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- Roma – Ole: Contromafie 2014

Ole – Contromafie 2014 has been an event organised by Libera and largely involving the Italian, European and any other level associations and organizations committed against the various forms of organized and transnational crime and corruption, with the aim of comparing strategies and paths, develop legal and administrative proposals, elaborate civil and non-violent actions, promote best practices and experiences in the field of freedom, citizenship, information, law, justice and solidarity.

Tackling Illegal Economy themes have represented the core of the three days conference. Two plenary sessions and 30 seminars, to go deep into the analysis of organised crime from different perspectives, and gathering the contribution of a large number of experts and stakeholders. With a participation of more than 2500 people, Ole – Contromafie has represented a great occasion to debate, involving both experts and citizens, granting an high level of discussionand a large dissemination at the same time.

Ole – Contromafie has been also the occasion to present results and researches promoted by TIE, and to compare them with experts coming from all around Europe and all over the world.

Analysis and proposal have been collected by the tutor of the different sessions, in order to build an agenda of priorities and reccomandation to efficiently fight organised crime and their economic power. A Manifesto, with ten principal proposal of action, that represent the path of civil society through which give our contribution in the fight against organised crime.

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